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From the day we opened our doors, we've had the one goal: to create innovative designs and build quality homes, to suit all budgets. Whitestone’s founders started with the burning desire to build homes where people would truly love to live. That’s what we wanted to achieve above all else and that’s what we’re still focused on.

Quality, excellent and innovation

Our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence in home design has helped us become India’s market leader in new home design and construction.

We’ve never been satisfied with simply building homes 'the way it’s always been done.' This is why we set our company on a path of constant innovation and reinvention that continues today.

In fact, our passion for innovation is at the heart of our business. Our contemporary home designs continually evolve to meet India’s changing lifestyle demands, and we’re constantly inspiring our customers with new creative ideas such as on-trend interior design themes as featured in Lookbook.

Our Vision

Some companies have very long-winded vision statements on their walls. At Whitestone our vision is deliberately simple:
'To be the best home builder in India, ever!'

This simple vision drives every single thing that we do. From the friendly greeting you’ll receive at our display centres, to our supplier relationships, right through to employee training programs and giving back to our communities.

Our Seven Values

Our seven principle values support our company vision and help guide everything that we do:

    • Innovation
    • Leadership
    • Quality
    • Reliability and Consistency
    • Respect and Honesty
    • Collaboration
    • Competitive Spirit