About Bafna Group

We have come a long way since Mohanlal Raichand Bafna Started trading in paper and jaggery from a modest office in 1952. Hard work, determination, a vision and a commitment to make a positive difference have helped us on this journey of success and growth, to touch the lives of millions of people each day.

Any company can say it's got diversified interests, and in today's business landscapes most of them even do. But at Bafna Group, It's diversity in the truest sense of the word. We've grown and spread out wings. We're as diverse as the colour spectrum. Our Group resounds with varied service offerings, resonated with solutions, and vibrated with ideas and creativity.

The largest paper trading company in India, Bafna Group has long since evolved into a global corporate as follows -

  • Producer & Trader of jaggery - M.R.BAFNA
  • Trading in paper and manufacturing of notebooks - PPBAFNA VENTURES
  • Merchant exporters - SAN TAN
  • Manufacturers of Garments - Corporate Sale & Retail Stores - ALBURY INDUSTRIES
  • Specializing in the Manufacturing & Export of Notebooks & Allied Paper Products - SANIYA
  • Grower & Exporter of premium quality Grapes - BAFNA EXPORTS
  • Manufacturer of Bio - Fertilizers & Bio - Pesticides - JAY BIOTECH
  • Real Estate & Construction - WHITESTONE

In this company history of more than 61 years, we have added new dimensions, explored new horizons and ventured into uncharted territory. We have been building upon a foundation of solid trust and reputation. But something's won't change; that's because we believe that touching the lives of millions of people is more than just good products.

Our corporate tradition is deeply rooted in the principles of integrity, providing superior quality and value, and building close, mutually productive relationships with our customers and suppliers. We put our customers first in all we do. Because their success mirrors our growth.