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Bafna Group has come a long way since its first generation Shri. Mohanlal Raichand Bafna began trading in paper and jaggery. After initial struggling period that turned into an interesting success story which is purely a result of sheer hard work, firm determination, foresight and commitment.

In true sense of the word, the group has grown maturely and spread its wings on various horizons. It represents a unique diversity of a colour spectrum. The group resounds with varied service offerings, resonates with solutions, and vibrates with fresh ideas and innovation. That’s why today Bafna Group products are touching millions of lives every day.

A dynamic, 3rd generation entrepreneur Praful Bafna, took reins of business from his father, Prakash Bafna. According to Praful Bafna, CMD of Bafna Group, “the company has expanded over a period & today it’s one of the largest paper trading companies in India.

Bafna Group has continuously evolved into a global corporate, having bagged ISO certification, specializes in trading, manufacturing and exports of paper products like notebooks, exercise books, text books, registers, drawing books, practical papers, etc. for school supplies & institutional stationery products, growers of the finest grapes (agriculture), manufacturing of bio‐pesticides and bio‐fertilizers (bio‐technology. New ventures are stabilizing in the field of readymade garment manufacturing in domestic & exporting through Albury Industries & land development & construction in the name of White Stone.

Saniya Notebooks are available in most of the stationery marts in India & overseas which are rolled out of factory godown only after thorough quality checks & standards. In a very short span of time, Saniya has become a household product which comes with its top class printing, fair pricing, environmental friendly i.e. products are made from organic waste, intelligent use of cutting edge technology, focused and penetrating marketing strategies and Customer Service are some of the key parameters that have shaped today’s brand, Saniya, the CMD further added.